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Originally posted by King Chad Doody
*Chad and Tattoo wave*

Chad: Well Tattoo Im not exactly Mr. Rourke, But how was my first weekend?

Tattoo: You did very well Mr. Doody. It was almost like having Mr. Rourke around still.

Chad: Thank You Tattoo'

Tattoo: This was a very fun weekend. I Wish i had my own TV Channel.

Chad: Well Tattoo as you seen it takes alot of work.

Tattoo: I Know Boss. Im Not really going to but it is a nice thought isnt it.

Chad: It is a very nice thought Tattoo.

Tattoo: I Would call it TBS. Tattoo Broadcasting Station

Chad: Ummmm Tattoo....TBS Is already taken.

Tattoo: Oh Ok. TNT, Tattoo Network Television?

*Chad laughs as the weekend ends*
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