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Originally posted by King Chad Doody
Richard: I Dont know...

MG: Well you did PLAY Macgyver. You must know of something to do

Richard: Umm....Yeah Ok

*Richard brings an empty bean can to him with his foot, Than begins to rip a string out of the ground with his fingers. Despite being tied down his fingers are still moveable. Richard than brings the can to his back with his foot and puts the sttring in it. He than ties the string to the can and throws it as it hits the burglar without any affect. The man looks down at the can with the string and begins laughing*

Man: Ive dealt with some dumb people but your at the very top!

*Suddenly the door barges open and The Police walk in with guns and arrest The Burglar. Behind the police walks in Chad and Tattoo. Tattoo goes and unties MG And Richard*

Chad: Take this man away officers

MG: How did you know this was happening?

Chad: Tattoo Began to hear some weird noises moments ago when he was passing by. He Pretended to leave and listened in a little closer when he heard the burglar. He alerted me at once and i called the Police. Is everyone alright?
MG: *Still Scared* I'm Fine. Just Fine!
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