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Angry No more music cuts!

This is getting ridiculous. At first, it seemed that the music clearing monster was "forcing" actual recordings to be cut (as in the WKRP massacre), but it seems more and more that even singing a tune in a show now gets cut. While I object to any editing of shows from their original form, I can almost accept an edit that is not pivotal to the plot, but after watching the Bosom Buddies DVDs, I am not a happy camper. In "Hildy's Dirt Nap," the whole point of Isabelle bringing the agent to the funeral was to audition for him. The storyline is ruined by cutting her song. And in "One for You, One for Me," the Yakety Yak bit was significant to Kip defusing the tension in the cell. It also was a bit that made me laugh the hardest. You know when Kip will yell out his "Noooooooo!" at various times in the series? That's exactly what I did when I first watched the DVD version of that episode. Can't we have a choice? Pay a bit more to get the original versions? Wouldn't Billy Joel like the extra royalties? I encourage speaking out like in the Stop The Monster Yahoo group. Maybe boycott edited sets? What's the answer?
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