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hey i am just so happy that cbs/paramount address all of the important issues in clearing all of the original music intact, but in future reference especially when season 4 comes out that they must address the editing footages especially with the three part episode fonzie loves pinky, too see all f the original missing footages that you cannot see anywhere else, that to me is the only thing that they must address if they can handle that everything else will fall into play, but with all of the response with season 3 it will sell, but i am glade that they finally saw the light. I am looking forward too seeing the same results on season 4 like we saw on season 3. But i guess they are working on the footages that is missing. And more of the original songs that the band had covered. I no that all of the songs and music will be intact for the other seasons, but i wonder if they are planning on re-releasing season 2 again anything could happen. By the way how many original songs where used in season 3 50 just asking.
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