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Posted by TJ:

"Generation" by Emerson and Nicole Hart
Performed by Emerson Hart

You're comin' up like a flower
You're comin' up through the cracks
That live 'round here
Everybody knows we have no fear
This is my generation

'Cause we just wanna dance all night
Live inside the spark of light
This might be the only time around

We wanna know the face of freedom
We wanna make a place where
We can make learn to love
Build a world that we can be proud of
This is my generation

the line that says, "We wanna make a place where we can make learn to love", shouldn't it be "We wanna make a place where we can learn to love?" It doesn't make sense, "we can make learn to love."

sorry, I don't mean to be a nitpicker or anything.
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