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Exclamation Warner Archive Releasing "Alice" Season One June 12th

Digital Digest: '70s Sitcom "Alice" Coming to DVD from Warner Archive?
Saturday, June 02, 2012
by Skees

We always like to follow the Warner Archive Facebook page because they always give a lot of interesting hints on upcoming releases.

The classic '70 sitcom "Alice" (which actually ran well into the mid-'80s), a Warner property that fans have been wanting for years now, has thus far only seen a single disc Television Favorites release which is now out-of-print and leaving fans clamoring for more, although a glimmer of hope has been offered with the addition of the first season being available to purchase to view on your computer from Amazon Instant Video.

But late last week, a fan asked about this series on the Facebook page, which elicited this response from Warner Archive:

"Things are looking good for ALICE. Stay tuned!"

That wording is very interesting, and seems to suggest that something may finally materialize on DVD (at least a MOD offering) from Warner Archive! The message is a bit different from what Warner Archive has stated in the past, including indicating that they'd like to do it, but there are source material issues.

Given that this is our first real indication of a glimmer of hope, I wouldn't expect the series to appear anytime very soon, but it sounds like we've at least got something hopeful on the radar.

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