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The first few episodes of the series, like all shows, differ in quality but that is because the actresses and the creative team were learning and developing the characters. By the time the guy died in Rose's bed through in the first season until the episode where President Bush visits the show was really solid with maybe 1 or 2 clinkers in the mix, but I stress maybe. Then from the episode where Bush visits to the end of the series it seems to be a mixed bag. The Presidential visit is when, in my opinion, the series jumped the shark.

Season 6 and on ... some really good episodes, but the stuff about the Cheeseman? Over the top and silly. Dorothy and Stan wanting to remarry? How can a character spend 6 years sharing what a loser he is to want to return to him? On the other hand the episode from the 7th season that really highlights Bea Arthur when she sings "What'll I Do" in the bar is a series highlight.

I went through and looked at an episode list, and something I noticed was from about the episode in the 1st season mentioned above about the guy dying in Rose's bed and up to the end of the 5th season Terry Hughes, minus a few exceptions, was the primary director of the series. What was the first episode when he was no longer directing the series? The episode where President Bush comes to visit.
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