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I would have to agree on the fact that the characters were less over the top in the beginning, though what I found so enjoyable was the things they would get up to! I found it more enjoyable, I felt like the show got stronger as it progressed. I also feel like Sophia got a lot more witty in the later episodes, I like Dorothy's humour in the later seasons as well, since I was born in 1990 I don't understand some of the references she makes from the 1980's.

Blanche is my favourite character so I've always loved her stories and the way she always gets so hot and flustered when she talks about some guy staring at her or admiring her, she's so funny!

One thing I didn't like about the later seasons is that I feel like they made Rose really stupid where as in the earlier seasons she was just naive. Some of the things she would say would bother me because they made her seem dumb, when I don't think she was dumb she was just naive.
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