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Originally Posted by Kasey
This was brought up before on Shout Factory's message boards about 2 years back. Despite many requests, Shout reps have stated they won't touch MAUDE due to music licensing issues. The series had those annual talent show/telethon episodes as well as instances where Maude or Walter would be singing casually in an episode. It's one of my top DVD Wish List shows (actually it and IT'S A LIVING are my Holy Grail), but I doubt it will happen, though I hope someday I'm proven wrong. Yes, I signed it.
Wow I forgot all about those talent shows. Who knew that musical performances on sitcoms would end up being a issue for DVD releases in the future.

Well I guess the only thing to do now if record all the eps off Antenna TV and have the show complete on DVD but it's just edited. Better than nothing
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