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Not to mention Some of the wardrobe they had Fonz wear he looked kike Henry Winkler trying to act like the Fonz instead of the other way around. It was just to weird looking to see him out of his leather jacket so often. Fortunately they started to watch their own show and put him back into his leather jacket more.

AND+ Don't even get me started on this episode in Season 11 "Fonzie's Spots" Howard's position as the Grand Poobah at the Leopard Lodge is threatened when he realizes that he hasn't recruited any new members in the past five years (except for Potsie), so Fonzie, Roger, and Chachi agree to join. They regret their decision when learning that Potsie is the pledge master.

Potsie (with great pleasure) is humiliating Fonz with these stupid sorority pledge dares and making him jump thru hoops to join. What did Fonz ever do to Postie to deserve this? This episode really pissed me off to belittle Fonzie like this was just awful. Talk about taking advantage of a nice guy. Clearly the writers just had nothing left to write about for the show any longer.
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