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Originally Posted by JesusNEVERexistd
RIGHT ON dude! I wish they charged him with 1st degree but there is NO way he gets away with killing an UNARMED KID!
He should be charged with first degree murder. But I suppose the prosecution didn't want to over charge the fool. Look at what happened with the skank Casey Anthony. This pig (Zimmerman) better not walk.

You wanna hear something funny? George Zimmerman claims he can't be racist because his brother is gay. Uh....what does being gay have to do with race? Damn, this guy is an idiot.

I just know George Zimmerman is a filthy murderer. I'm not sure he's a racist. It's possible he was stalking Trayvon because he was a teenager. But it's also possible that he was actually profiling Trayvon because he was black. Either way, he's still a killer. An unjustified killer which is a murderer.
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