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Originally Posted by JesusNEVERexistd
We finally agree on something! Agree 100%!

That disgusting fat slob hunted down Trayvon when police dispatch specifically told him NOT to! That was just an unarmed 17 yr. Old KID!

The Slimeball Z should HANG!
Yes, I also think George Zimmerman is a pile of horse crap who has some kind of Dirty Harry complex. Poor Trayvon was just watching the game with his dad and brother before he went out during half time. He was just getting some iced tea and candy. That was Trayvon's only goal that get a drink and some candy. Trayvon was not looking for any trouble. It was the pig George Zimmerman who got out of his car and decided to stalk and then confront the kid. George Zimmerman has some sort of ego complex....must be why he appointed his self head neighborhood watch guy. All he did for that neighborhood was cause chaos and murder. I hope this fat slob gets the maximum. Too bad he can't get the death penalty. Hopefully, he'll get a few decades in prison or die of liver failure behind bars like Richard Ramirez. Maybe he'll even get beaten to death in prison like Jeffrey Dhamer. The possibilities are endless. Let's just hope this Florida jury doesn't acquit him like Casey Anthony was acquitted in Florida.
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