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Default *Hello*

*Opens door*

Hey there everybody. Just wanted to say hi and welcome myself back to the league of L&S fans. I doubt anybody here knows me, but anywhoo, my name is Joy, and I've been kind of staying out of the fan scene now for awhile (for various reasons I don't care to discuss). For some reason I decided that after watching the reunion I would come here and chat!

I was feeling so terribly awful today, I'm moving right now and am having a very hard transition time. But the gang made me feel better once again, and I was very happy to see my hero David Lander looking so good!! The whole cast are doing great, props to them! And God keep Phil for us, I know he's missed dearly. Penny was crying there at the end, and that made me cry too. I especially appreciated the signifigance of the clip from "Why Did The Fireman," it seemed very appropriate.

I'm very talkative tonight, but really must be off to fix up a long-forgotten fan-fic I wrote, and to work on a couple of L&S related websites, and to be very sad like I always seem to be lately, and hope that Lenny & Squiggy can make me smile as usual. :-)

*Get out!*
*Door slam*
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