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Default Hello Larry episode airdates

Hello, I have been looking at this Hello Larry sitcome page for a long time now, and I have noticed that it has been devoid of actual airdates for a while. Well, a few days ago, I looked for this show in the TV Guide microfilm collection in my library and I have an accurate episode schedule for most of the Hello Larry episodes.
The winter 1979 season episodes are all correct, except for the "Rap with Ruthie" episode, which actually aired on April 20, 1979. I could not find a listing for "My Sister the Criminal", but the date of May 4, 1979 seems correct even though the show was pre-empted.

But the centerpiece of the whole info is the dates I got for the 1979-1980 season
Here they are. I hope that they make a veritable contribution to the episode guide.

Fussin and Feudin (crossover with Diff'rent Strokes) (9/28/1979)
Hello Marion (1) (10/12/1979)
Hello Marion (2) (10/19/1979)
Goodbye Marion (3) (10/24/1979)
Ruthie Grows Up (1) (10/31/1979)
Ruthie Grows Up (2) (11/07/1979)
Thanksgiving Crossover ("Diff'rent Strokes") (11/28/1979)
The Nude Emcee (12/05/1979)
Morgan the Boss (12/12/1979)
Marion's Fiance (12/19/1979)
Diane Drinks (1/16/1980)
Tommy the Houseguest (1/30/1980)
Larry's Father (2/06/1980)
The Blind Friend (2/13/1980)
Love Around the Corner (2/20/1980)
The Teacher Dies (2/27/1980)
Money From Home (3/05/1980)
Larry's Mid-life Crisis (1) (3/19/1980)
Larry's Mid-life Crisis (2) (3/26/1980)
Larry's Mid-life Crisis (3) (4/02/1980)
The Rock Star (1) (4/23/1980)
The Rock Star (2) (4/30/1980) (last listed episode of the series)
The Protege (unaired)
Yearning (unaired)
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