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This is what I found on TV.Com It's posted by teamfarce, who was part of BTY crew, or at least worked there.

Monday 12

The current episode "Hostage Watch" will be taped in front of the audience tomorrow (Tuesday), with several scenes pre-shot today. And another episode is still scheduled for next Tuesday.

If CBS picks up the show, no doubt these (and "House of Tomorrow") will air in September (and be on the Season Two DVD). If not, all 18 episodes would be on the Season One (or Complete Series) DVD.

--Ace @ WURG (for now)

Wed 14

Well, we were scheduled to shoot another episode next week ("Never Work with Children or Dogs"), but right after first rehearsal today, Jimmy Burrows announced that today ("Hostage Watch") was actually going to be our last episode. "I'm only telling you because of Maggie [Blanc, producer] and Dale [White, 1st AD]. I wanted to let you twist in the wind."

Later, just before lunch, Steve Levitan brought everyone together for the full "Sorry we're cancelled" speech. Several networks had been interested in the show last year, and Steve said his one mistake turned out to be going with Fox. He said nothing about CBS, but that only means that nothing official has happened. The CBS rumors were still alive throughout the night.

The episode wrapped before 9pm tonight, but I didn't leave Stage 20 until 11, as we had an impromptu wrap party. While we were shooting the last newsroom scenes, someone had set up food and drinks (alcohol even) on the bank set. We managed to get photos with some of the cast, and of course the entire newsroom background took several group photos.

--Ace, formerly of WURG News 9
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