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Default The Bill Cosby Show - Season One DVD Review

Hey, hey, hey! Oh ... wrong show! This is a must-have for Cosby fans, because this was Bill Cosby's first situation comedy. In THE BILL COSBY SHOW, Bill Cosby plays Chet Kincaid, a gym teacher at Richard Allen Holmes High School in Los Angeles. Most of the comedic situations center on the fact that Chet is a good guy, and an inspiration to his family and friends. He often gets in trouble because of this. What's great about a Bill Cosby series is that he focuses on intelligent characters and real-life situations that are infused with his brand of dry humor. You can now purchase all 26 episodes of the first season on a four-disc DVD set, restored to it's original glory, which also includes a brand-new interview with the Cos himself, Bill Cosby!

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