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Default The Golden Girls move to Iowa

-The Girls decide to move to Des Moines Iowa after living in Miami for over 20 years for a new experience and to live a different life.

-They move in a nice and cozy 6 bedroom house in downtown Des Moines as they sold there home in miami.

-They have 2 extra bedrooms for guests

-This is a brand new spinoff to air on NBC

Year: 2006

-Season One


Dorothy Zbornak: Bea Arthur

-Dorothy is single and quickly lands a teaching job at Des Moines Lincoln High School as a history teacher

Blanche Devereaux: Rue Mclanahan

-Blanche landed a job at the Iowa Historical Museum and works as a curator and her boss is Alfred Neely and he is 61 and is attracted to Blanche but she could care less about him.

Rose Nylund: Betty White

-Rose lands a job at KCCI, a local tv station on a morning show called Cooking with Rose as the happy chef.

Sophia Petrillo: Estelle Getty

-Dorothy's aging mother lives in a retirement home called Sunny Pastures but finally decides to move back in with the girls as she suffered a stroke 5 years ago and suffers from slight fits of amnesia and has no control over what she says even though it might be dirty but the girls still love her.

Stan Zbornak: Herb Edelman

-Stan follows the girls to Des Moines and is going to propose marriage to Dorothy soon after he can convince her to date him.

-There will be 15 episodes for season one

Episode 1: The Robbery: The girls return home after a late night at a concert and find that someone has attempted to break in there house.

Episode 2: The Lemon: Rose buys a lemon from a scheming car dealer named Lou Gaston played by Joe Pesci.

Episode 3: Busted for Prostitution: Blanche convinces the girls to go away for a weekend for a romantic time but the girls are busted when the hotel is filled with prostitutes and horny old men so Stan comes down and bails them out.

Episode 4: Worthless Art: The girls go to an art gallery auction and are convinced that they should buy one, but they are persuaded by an onlooker to buy one from him as he has already bought over 10 paintings and he sells one for $500 and they are convinced its worth almost 25 thousand dollars but its nothing more then a dud.

Episode 5: The Roomies: The girls decide to rent out a room for these two travelers from Germany and they look down on the girls and are rude and snobbish but the girls over look that when they are offered 1,000 dollars a week

Episode 6: The Engagement: Stan and Dorothy announce there engagement and Blanche and Rose throw them an engagment party

Episode 7: A Visit from Clayton: Blanche's gay brother and his partner Doug come for a visit and Clayton announces his decision to move to Des Moines as Doug is dying of aids and they wannna be near family

Episode 8: Blanche's boy toy: Blanche begins seeing a much younger man and the girls are suspicious of him as he is awfully generous to her showering her with jewelry and gifts and he ends up busted by the cops.

Episode 9: Wrasslin: Blanche takes a night job as a ring girl for a pro wrestling company called IWF: Iowa Wrestling Federation and manages her current boyfriend The Studmuffin Stu Sterling played by Sid Vicious, Sterling is very bossy and roughs her up but she denies it when Dorothy notices she is bruised and wearing sunglasses to hide the black and blue marks.

Episode 10: The Funeral: Clayton and the girls have a tough week as Clayton's partner Doug passes away of aids.

Episode 11: Sophia's Back: Sophia moves back in with the girls and is shocked to learn Stan and Dorothy are back together and she finds it difficult to take and Dorothy is upset and they eventually make up at the end.

Episode 12: Shopping for the wedding: The girls go shopping for gowns and a cake and caterers and a priest, and a band for the reception.

Episode 13:Movie Night: The girls stay up and reminisce about the good old days together after watching old home movies.

Episode 14: The Wedding Part 1: Stan and Dorothy prepare for there marriage and this show ends when the priest asks if anyone has any objections please speak now or forever hold your peace

Episode 15: The Wedding Part 2: The continuation of the wedding ceremony but Dorothy's estranged ex husband Lucas interrupts with a shocking announcement and we are left at that till Season 2

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