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Originally Posted by AKA
Janice, how are you liking your Roku so far? Are you using it to stream Netflix or Hulu Plus? What kind of TV do you and Lou have?
It's set up in the bedroom which is great because I've been on a 24-hour marathon of The Office. Just leaving my room to shower and call take-out, lol. That tv is only two years old and has HD. Lou's having a problem setting up the other one in the living room. That's our huge Sony that's 12 years old. All the reviews I read said that their Rokus worked with very old tvs, and the guys at Best Buy said it wouldn't matter. We'll see tomorrow. This little project is now up to almost $500 now, with the two Rokus, router, two sets of cables at $50 a piece.

Lou's close to having Best Buy come here to get it up and running. They charge $150 for that. He said we're in so deep, that it doesn't matter. I disagree. The plan is to have Lou watch all his alien/action/adventure movies on the sofa, while I watch tv shows and sappy movies, lol. Just kidding. I am excited about this. I can't believe all unlimited streaming for $7.99 a month. We'll add a couple of mail dvds in time as the New Releases aren't available. I'll tell you though, I saw a lot of good recent movies while flipping through. Thanks for asking. Sorry for writing a book.
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