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Terri:Zack what has been going on with you these past few days?
Zack:I have no idea what you are talking about.
Terri:You've been running doing everything our new boss says,doing the worst things he asks you to do.You're even called him Capitain Blood while you're sleeping.Just tell me why are doing this to yourslef?
Zack:For you!I'm doing this for you!r
Terri:Me?What do I have to do with this?
Zack:Terri he told me that he had his eye on you and if I didn't do everything he says,he'll blackmail you into doing things way worse than this if you want to keep your job.
Terri:That's terrible.
Zack:I know.Now if you'll excuse me,I have to take care of a patient who has so many diseases,her chart needs more than one page to put them on.(opens the door)Hey that's not what those tools are for!
Girl:You're not my father!
Zack:Well according to your chart,I wouldn't be the first person you called daddy
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