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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: More proof that this board has become more popular in the last year.

Originally posted by Original Prankster

It wasn't all FOL, it was a like a second Chit Chat.

Plus, not a lot of people get Hallmark. Almost everyone got N@N. The FOL board was at it's hay-day since Winter 2000 til about the reunion. Since it was off the air for so long, that why no one comes back. Happy Days wasn't off for long periods of time.

But whatever. You can go back to your 'Nicer' version of Chit Chat. I'll go back to my 'deserted' FOL board.
*chokes up* I.. was Happy Days-less for more than TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!! Tapes, dont count. FOl just went off the air a few months ago, HD left N@N in Oct. 2000. Just came back November 2002. It went to Hallmark, yea, stayed a real long time too!! Ugh. Then TVLAND, brought it, lost it, brought it again.
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