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Confused Season 5...if Dolph Sweet made it by then...

There would be 24 episodes, and here's the concepts of what would happen...

S5E1-Julie's Marriage (Chief finally accepts Johnathan, but they both get grounded)
S5E2-Ship of Fools (1 of 2)
S5E3-Ship of Fools (2 of 2) (Chief's involvement in both shows is like the New York ep)
S5E4-A Man from Zoron (Chief investigates on the man from Zoron)
S5E5-Addy's Goodbye (Chief would have a minor role)
S5E6-So Long Johnathan (This would've been a great ep for the Chief...and it may be even dramatic)!
S5E7-Mama (Another ep that the Chief would have a minor role)
S5E8-Sam's Little Girl (This ep the Chief would be more like the ep "An Unmarried Couple")
S5E9-The Elevator (Chief would have a minor role)
S5E10-Nell's New Car (Chief would defend Nell and have Addie give Nell her money back)
S5E11-Nell's Gifted Child (This is where Nell and Chief can butt heads with Joey since they are his adopted parents)
S5E12-Katie's Apartment (Chief should have a good role because Katie goes-out with a married man)!
S5E13-Snippets (Chief would talk about Christmas Past as well as sing "Silent Night" while the cast sing "Frosty the Snowman")
S5E14-Second Chance (1 of 2)
S5E15-Second Chance (2 of 2) (Chief should have a good role in this since Gary is an ex-convict)
S5E16-Bineviedo, Johnathan (Another good ep for the Chief because he makes Johnathan nervous)!
S5E17-The Gun (Chief would forget his gun and Joey shoots Chief in the foot rather than Nell)!
S5E18-A Lesson for Nell (Chief would have a minor role)
S5E19-Pride and Prejudice (Chief would defend Nell after being rejected for a job)
S5E20-Family Reunion (Chief would have a minor role)
S5E21-Getting to know You (Chief would have the subplot with Simpson and the suicide jumper)
S5E22-Katie's Korner (Chief would try to help Katie after her boyfriend left her and things are going down).
S5E23-Found Money (Chief would have a minor role)
S5E24-The Purse Snatcher (Chief would stop the purse snatchers)

I dunno if this would help, but...that's all I can think of...
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