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Today was not only the season premiere of Let's Make A Deal but the debut of Zonk Redemption Week and an important milestone in LMAD history. LMAD is now on Season 10 and will still be making afternoons fun on CBS. Also it is reported that Tiffany Coyne now has an adorable baby boy named Carter Liam Coyne and he made his first appearence on the show and he is such a darling child and I hope we see more appearences with Carter on LMAD as he grows up. The Golden Ticket featured during this special week is part of a very special surprise and throughout the week contestants who will find a Golden Ticket hidden in many of the games will be able to play in Friday's finale of Zonk Redemption Week for a chance to compete for a Big Deal of $100,000. All in all this is such a great start to a exciting new season of LMAD and I'm glad that LMAD celebrated a important milestone in the show's history
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