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Default John Stamos comedy ordered to series

John Stamos to Gen-TV
---Actor to star in "Say Uncle"

Two seasons after playing a young grandfather in Fox's "Grandfathered", John Stamos will once again star in a comedy with children; this time as an Uncle in the now officially ordered to series "Say Uncle"; which was previously thought to be dead. Gen-TV's Ross Chin confirms that the series has been picked up and explained the sudden turn around for this program once thought to be dead "Once we realized that Nicki J's World and Peretti Rules wouldn't be returning we took another look at our comedy pilots and Say Uncle was far and away the brightest star left on our comedic roster." "It was an easy decision to say yes to Say Uncle."

In this comedy, Stamos plays a single, attractive and successful businessman and ladies man suddenly tasked with raising his brothers three children; aged from 10 to 16 after his sudden death. This is a theme that is recurring for Gen-TV this year, as another freshmen comedy ordered this week "Homecourt Advantage" focuses on similar themes, and stars Nick Cannon. An insider tell us "none of Gen-TV's family comedies are particularly original, with many of them having nearly identical premises, but they all work because focusing on family instantly gives each show a unique identity as each family featured in it is unique to the specific niche audience it is targeting."
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