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Default Gen-TV Axes Nicki Minaj Comedy

Breaking Report:
Ahead of UpFronts Cleans House
---Network axes "Nicki J's World"

Ahead of it's planned UpFront Presentation which will go forward even if there is a writers strike announced tomorrow, Gen-TV Network has made some last minute cancellations, axing comedies "Nicki J's World" and "Peretti Rules"; both of which were fully expected to come back in some form. The network has also officially cancelled their TV movie franchise, and according to Ross Chin, Gen-TV's President "will be looking to a different format for our award-winning, highly rated television films and mini-series." Sources indicate that Gen-TV plans to shift production and broadcasting of these projects to Stream-ME, the Gen-TV funded streaming site and that "only certain high profile projects will air on Gen-TV Network; but not as part of an ongoing series like has always been done." Insiders at Gen-TV explain that "the financials involved in producing these high scale events are just too much to keep up with; even for a profitable network like Gen-TV." Other insiders tell us that it is possible Gen-TV could reconsider this idea and resume production on TV films later in the season.

The cancellation of "Nicki J's World" is something of a shock, considering it was once a highly performing series, but in its second season the ratings have dropped nearly 40% in all demos; especially as Nicki Minaj's popularity overall declines. The axing of "Peretti Rules" is also something of a stunner; as it was widely expected to return in some form; the series has been a favorite of Ross Chin's since it was developed.
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