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Default Gen-TV Worried about strike

Breaking Report:
Gen-TV Planning For Strike

Though the beginning of May is usual a hectic time for television executives as they prepare their fall schedules and get ready to reveal them to advertisers, this year is extra tense as a potential Writers Guild of America strike is becoming closer to being a reality every day. Gen-TV, who was not in existence during the last strike in 2007 is "very worried about the effect that a writers strike might have on us" says Alex Montez, Vice President of Gen-TV Studios. As such, Gen-TV is taking several steps to be as prepared as they can be for the strike, doubling up on episode orders for unscripted reality series, game shows and even asking writers and producers of several shows to prep extra scripts in advance of the strike so that they can proceed with filming should a strike occur. Montez says "We are concerned that a strike will prevent us from having enough episodes to return with original programming in the fall."

As such, the network is getting their ducks in a row, doubling up episode orders from reality series "The Bidding War", "Food Showdown" and "Soapless: Life After Daytime." They have also ordered extra seasons of summer game shows "Climb The Pyramid" and "The Winners Circle." Montez says "We have ordered a extra-large order of 90 episodes each of Food Showdown and The Bidding War, so that we can air them whenever we need them." "Soapless", "Climb The Pyramid" and "The Winners Circle" have also gotten orders for an additional 75 episodes each.

On the scripted side, Gen-TV is looking at a number of options to fill the void if a strike is called and lasts a prolonged period of time. The first option is to delay summer programming until the Fall, airing only reruns in the summer. This plan is what Montez calls "the absolute worst case scenario." Another option, and one that seems more likely is Gen-TV will burn off episodes of cancelled series or series that never aired. Examples of this are the ten remaining episodes of "Going South" that never aired; a full 6-episode season of political conspiracy "Defection" that never made it to air and a backlog of "Threesome" episodes that have yet to air.
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