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It will be a big year for freshman series on YTN! The network has ordered nine new series for the 2017-2018 television season, and seven are set to debut this fall. It will also mark a transition for YTN, with only one veteran series making a timeslot switch and comedies now airing on four nights. The fall schedule features a lot of new firsts for the network, while closing the book on others. Without further adieu, the fall 2017 schedule...

"Laugh Together" is back in full force Sundays this fall with the same laughs you've been seeing nearly all season. MOTHER & DAUGHTER will lead off the night at 8 o'clock with its seventh season, leading into the ninth season of SUBURBIA. Season five of FULL TIME MOM returns to lead into the second season of LIFE LESSONS. In a switch in the 10 o'clock hour, VIRUS will air in the fall season for the first time in series history. It will air eight (8) episodes in the fall, with another eight (8) debuting in the spring.

Mondays are undergoing the biggest makeover of any night. For the first time in network history, comedies will air on the night. Freshman comedy SOCCER STORIES kicks off the night at 8, with fellow freshman BURGERS AND FRIES following at 830. The seventh season of CALL GIRLS will return to the Monday 9 o'clock hour, leading into freshman drama I AM REBECCA at 10.

There is more history in the making on Tuesdays. The upcoming season of LOOKING FOR LOVE will expand beyond one hour for the first time in its long run. It will air for an hour and a half each week, and lead into freshman comedy MARRIAGE BY DEFAULT at 930. The iconic procedural drama TAKEN returns for its ninth season in the timeslot its aired in since season one.

An all new fifth season of hit drama BOSTON GENERAL leads off Wednesdays for the second year in a row. The number one Wednesday 9 o'clock drama, CIA FILES, returns for its third season. The highest testing drama in three seasons for the network, THE DARK SIDE OF MR. DOUGLAS, will inherit the Wednesday 10 o'clock timeslot.

The end of an era is about to begin on Thursdays this fall. Debuting during the 2009-10 television season, BEHIND THE SCENES was among the first crop of comedies ordered during the first full season of operations. Next season, the long-running comedy will come to an end after 218 episodes. It is the longest-running comedy in network history and will hold that record for some time. The upcoming ninth and final season will continue airing in the Thursday lead off timeslot. BEHIND THE SCENES will conclude with a 27 episode order, its largest in series history. The third season of BLENDED will return to the Thursday 830 timeslot it moved to earlier this season. The fifth season of hit comedy THE HUGHES FAMILY returns to its tentpole 9 o'clock half hour, leading into freshman comedy FAMILY BUSINESS - the highest testing comedy pilot in six years for the network. The night rounds out with the eighth season of TAKEN: PHOENIX

Finally, on Fridays, the second season of SERVE AND PROTECT will move forward one hour and lead off the night at 8 o'clock. It leads into freshman drama COPS OF NEW YORK, which is a spinoff of the long-running COPS OF NEW YORK. The one-two lineup of COPS OF BALTIMORE and the eighth season of COPS OF NEW YORK will air at 9 and 10, respectively.

In addition to the fall schedule, YTN has ordered two more freshman series for midseason: dramas CROSS COUNTRY and DAY IN THE LIFE. The network also has a slew of veteran series on the bench, including sophomore AMAZON (13 episodes), eight more episodes of season three of REVOLUTION, as well as comedies GROWING UP AT 30 (13 episodes) and THE HIGH TIMES OF DENVER (16 episodes). YTN has also ordered an additional season of FAMILY SUPER CHALLENGE (TBA episodes). Freshman TAKEN: GLOBAL will not return for a second season.

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