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Default Gen-TV Names New Vice President

Originally Posted by factsoflife
Gen-TV's Vice President Search:
----List narrowed down...

Now that Eva Vargas has officially decline (several) offers to join Gen-TV Studios as Vice President, comes time for the company to make serious efforts to fill the position left vacant when Ross Chin ascended to the role or President. It looks like they have gotten one step closer to doing this, today the shortlist of candidates has been narrowed down to three potential people: Taylor Song, Kimberly Vail and a previously unmentioned candidate, Jason Kinworthy.

Hollywood Now can officially confirm that Eva Vargas has declined offers to join Gen-TV, though she did not respond to our request for comment, we have learned that she did not want to leave her role at YTN to accept a lesser role as Vice President. We also have learned that Jamie Tarses has declined this offer, citing her wish to maintain her status as an independent producer. And as expected, Amanda Leigh Green was not asked to take the role at all.

Sources tell us that the three final candidates each come from vastly different backgrounds and would offer unique ideas, here is a rundown on them:

Taylor Song, Age 33: At 33, Song is the youngest candidate, and has the least experience. She was a development executive at YTN from 2009-2011, and exited that company in turmoil after her involvement in an embarrassing scandal that involved sexual harassment and white collar crimes. She was close friends with Brian Lonze, who was also fired from YTN in 2011 and eventually joined Gen-TV where he worked his way to the role of President of Programming. They remained close friends until his shocking death in 2013 from what was termed "an accidental overdose of methamphetamines" by the L.A. County Coroner's office. Song has not worked in the TV industry since leaving YTN in 2011 and has worked as an executive in the natural foods industry since 2013.

Kimberly Vail, Age 45: Vail comes from Toronto, Canada where she has run Toronto's #2 rated news division since 2014. Prior to that she was the Executive Producer of Canada's #1 rated morning news program from 2010-2014; and previously served as a development executive at Canadian Broadcasting Company from 1998-2010. At that job she was responsible for developing a wide variety of scripted programming and in the 2003-2004 TV season she was responsible for developing ten of the top twenty-five programs airing on Canadian TV; a record that she holds to this day in Canada. Sources tell us that Vail's biggest strength is documentary programming (what we call reality TV); and that she is close personal friends with Cain Wentworth.

Jason Kinworthy, Age 58: By far the oldest of the three candidates; he also has the most direct experience as an executive in the TV industry. From 1980-1982 he was an intern on the "Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson", in 1983 he took a job as a Producer on NBC's "Gimme a Break", becoming the youngest producer in NBC history, at 24. This role led him to Associate Producer job on CBS's "Murder She, Wrote"; a role he held from 1984-1993. In 1993 he was promoted to Supervising Producer on "Murder, She Wrote" a role he held until the series was cancelled in 1996. He left NBC in 1996 for a job as Vice President of Daytime TV at ABC. At this role he was responsible for daily supervision of four soap operas, and was directly responsible for helping develop "The View." He held this job until 2006 when he left for a role as an executive at Ford Motors Company. In 2010 he rejoined the TV industry as a development executive for Turner Broadcasting. In 2014 he took a role as Vice President of MTV Networks Inc., a role he held for fifteen days before resigning over disagreements with MTV's President. He hasn't worked in TV since then.
It's Official: Gen-TV Names Unexpected Vice President

Shocking News: Gen-TV's New Vice President Picked
---Alexander Anthony Montez is Gen-TV's New Vice President.

A Hollywood Now Report

Gen-TV has officially filled the vacant position of Vice President of Gen-TV Studios; picking a rather unexpected person to fill the role. Alexander Anthony Montez (aka "Alex Montez"), Age 42 has accepted the role and will report to work starting May 1st. Alexander Anthony Montez is a very unexpected pick for several reasons, the first being that Gen-TV Studios had previously narrowed the candidates down to three; Taylor Song, Jason Kinworthy and Kimberly Vail; and as recently as last week, Ross Chin, President of Gen-TV Studios said "Our new VP will be one of those three, there is no question about it." Obviously, something went awry as the new pick is literally out of left field. In fact, so much that in our research for this story, Hollywood Now couldn't find any information about Alexander Anthony Montez. All that we do know has been provided to us by Gen-TV Studios, and it reads "Alexander Anthony Vargas, age 42 hails from the great state of Colorado where he spent 10 years working as a senior producer for the top rated news station in Denver." "He comes to Gen-TV from his most recent job as morning drive producer at Kansas City, Kansas's #2 rated pop-rock station."

Until today, his name was completely unknown in the TV industry and his sudden rise to the #2 position in Gen-TV is a complete and total shock. This mystery man seems an unlikely choice given that he has very few connections in the TV industry and was never even mentioned as a candidate until today. However, given Gen-TV's track record for finding and developing talented executives this could mean they've found a vice president with tons of potential talent.

What we do know about Alexander Anthony Montez is very sparse, but here it is:

---Montez is 42 years of age, and is of Venezuelan and Chinese descent. He was raised in Windsor, Connecticut and New Brunswick, Canada.

---He is currently single, but was previously married to a Julie Berlick from October 2007 until November 2012. The marriage ended in divorce with Colorado court records citing "irreconcilable differences and fraud" as the mitigating factors in that divorce, which was requested by Julie and granted 190 days after filing.

---He has no children, but is raising three pets; 2 dogs, named Luke and Leia and a goldfish named Kermit.

----He goes by the nicknames "Drew" and "Ander", but is most commonly called "Alex". Gen-TV Studios reps tell us officially he'll be referred to as "Alex Montez" in official press releases and Gen-TV documents.
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