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Post The Letter

To: Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038

Date: July 22, 2003

Dear sir or ma’am,

I am writing you today to inquire about one of the most popular shows of it’s time and generations that follow. Happy Days has been a breath of fresh air as I was growing up as it still is today. Is there a projection date of when Happy Days will be released on DVD? When shows like All In The Family, Mary Tyler Moore, and Good Times have beat Happy Days to DVD, I wonder when Happy Days will be out. I have started purchasing Frasier in the DVD sets season by season and truly hope that Happy Days would be available in the same way.

If you are looking for some suggestions from die hard fans, here’s what I would suggest:
1.) Stations have cut portions of the shows to fit in more commercials so we would very much like the uncut versions.
2) Bonus features like bloopers, (cast and crew) interviews, even spinoffs like Joanie Loves Chachi, behind the scenes footage and/or deleted scenes.
3) Please make all 255 show available as well as the reunion show on DVD
4) Another idea would be a Happy Days DVD of the month club to offer discounts or extras like the reunion show on DVD.

I will post your response to the message board.

Sincere thanks,
Patrick Councilor
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