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Default DVD Offer

wrestlingchick558 posted this:

Happy Days on DVD
Hey everyone.
If you are interested in Happy Days on DVD please e-mail me at The qualtity is great, and we give a professional look with pictures on dvd's, and w/ cases and covers included. For ordering information, e-mail me at


I posted this...

If you can offer HD on DVDs I am more than interested. That is too cool. I just have a few questions for you, if you don't mind:

1) Are they high quality?

2) How many shows can I get on one DVD?

3) Where do I send my payment?

4) Are you related to Don Polhill who posted

Happy days dvds(buy one/get one free)
Check out my site @
or email me @
every dvd you order,you get a second one free!
prints are mint & stereo sound is great

(You're e-mail address is

5) Why isn't his web site available anymore?

6) Why is it that when the web site was up, it didn't have any listings of how to contact him except his e-mail?

7) Why does he only accept CASH or MONEY ORDER???

8) Would I be kicking myself in the butt if I spent all this money on DVD's dubbed from the TV and then they officially came out with uncut shows on DVD?

9) And if you're such a huge fan of the show to have the entire series available on DVD, why is this your first posting?

Please get back with us all.
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