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Thumbs up Bravehearted Happy Days

I see a whole army of Happy Days Fans here on this board. It is time to take a stand and be heard.
What will you do with your free time?
Ei, e-mail Columbia House and ask for HD VHS and DVDs and you may be rejected.
Do it not, and you will save 15 to 20 seconds it would have taken you to send one e-mail.
And thirty years from now while you're lieing in your beds, what would you give from this day to that to return to this day and tell Columbia House, you may have All If The Family and Good Times on DVD and VHS, but you will not break our pride! WE WANT HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!

If we accomplish nothing, let our voices be hear from every mountain peak that we stormed Columbia House with e-mails on this request. Let word get back to the cast and creators of Happy Days. Let them know that... WE STILL LOVE HAPPY DAYS!!!

E-mail Columbia House at

They say the more e-mail request for one show, the more Columbia House employees and effort is made to get that show on VHS and DVDs. If there is any red tape stopping this show from getting to VHS and DVD, let the fire under their feet be started with our countless e-mails.
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