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Exclamation DVDs I shouted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ol Pat is having withdrawls of Happy Days. I need my Happy Days Fix. I want Happy Days DVD with

1) Full length and uncut shows

2) deleted footage (deleted even from the full length) - I'm not too picky on this one - feel free to use bloopers if you need to.

3) behind the scenes footage

4) personal interviews with the cast, director, cast's family, and anyone else you can find.

5) One music video with each DVD would be cool, but you don't need to go to this extreme for me. I would like a music video with each one (or a Joanie Loves Chachi episode). I don't care if it's a song sung by Potsy, Leather, Joanie and Chachi, Fonzie, Ralph from the dance Marathon, or even the song that Arnold sang waiting for Fonzie to come out of the bathroom to sing on stage at Arnolds.

6) Fit eight to ten shows per DVD

7) I want all 255 show available and I want the reunion DVD available as well.

You guys work on that while I hold my breath. Columbia House, where are you when we need you??? Put me down for Happy Days DVD of the month club. And with that, you should offer that Reunion show on DVD for free along with my choice of the 5 different Happy Days key chains that you have created.

Sounds like the best idea I've ever heard. What do you guys think?

(I know we've been asking for this for many years on countless of times, but thank you for letting me vent)
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