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Welcome, Tuscadero!!!

Oh so many quotes.
Al:Aaaaay whose there!
The Fonz:Aaaaay bad imitation

The ones in my sig.

I love Potsie saying "huh huh huh" to The Fonz.He said that because he wanted Richie to say it to him because it helps with a problem.The Fonz said "get back over that there" or something like that after Potsie said "huh huh huh".I'll tell more of my favorites sometime today.I have to go now.If anybody wants to take over the Brand New Happy Days Game for me please do so because I won't be back until tommorow!!!Good Bye!!!Can't to talk later today!!!
Richie:Your lucky this is your jacket because next time its gonna be you!

The Fonz:Tell me something did he get his jacket inside the bed?
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