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Default The Happy Days shared universe


Happy Days was actually a spin-off of Love, American Style, but that still makes it a shared universe of its own, the same logic applies to the Superman/Supergirl and Daredevil/Elektra situations. Being a spin-off does not mean it cannot be a part of, or create, its own shared universe.

The Happy Days shared universe was actually a fairly interwoven one, with the Fonz and Richie appearing on Laverne & Shirley and living close-by. Mork first appeared on Happy Days, Out of the Blue was a spin-off of Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi was a very direct spin-off of Happy Days. The main character of Blansky's Beauties was Nancy Blansky, who turned out to be a cousin of Howard Cunningham. The animated shows also followed the TV continuity, I believe the Mork & Mindy cartoon was a prequel as well.
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