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Default Least favorite bands/artists

One Direction - I cannot stand their material before they went on hiatus anymore. I still love their material from when they first started out though.

The Wanted - A One Direction ripoff group

Horn driven/brass heavy bands - Sorry, but I do not like Chicago as much like I used to anymore

Any band with a horn in it that is not driven or heavy on brass instruments (Not counting the above example)
I love John Larroquette.

And will always like Harry Anderson too.

"Ciao, baby!" - John Larroquette as Dan Fielding

Antenna TV, MeTV, Decades, Laff, and Cozi TV, please add Dave's World and The John Larroquette Show to your lineups. Thank you.

PLEASE release a complete series boxset of The John Larroquette Show (and the final season of Dave's World). Thanks.

Goodnight, sweet prince. Harry Anderson 1952-2018
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