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Well I finished watching the Jackie Chan one; and unlike the original one, Jackie Chan's character taught Jaden Smith's character how to do the easy to do ground sweep that Morita's character did something predictable when Danny Laruso begged him to teach it to him, which was to go get a broom. The first fight scene with Dre Parker's lead bully did a move on him that no instructor has never taught me that looks easy but may be easier said than done and wouldn't work on someone who's a lot heavier than you, and I did get a black belt at the first martial arts school I went to where the instructor focused on Jeet kune do.

In the final tournament fight, when it was time to for one of them to score the winning point, I was saying please don't do that jump snap kick and was concerned when I saw him getting ready to do a kick that he was until he did that kick that would be impossible for me to do because I can't do back flips or front flips. That's something that I and everyone and his brother may wishes he could do but is way too difficult.
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