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Ohara is the name of the Morita TV series, and it was short lived like so many other good shows like The Wizard. Happy Days was the one where he probably appeared much later in the show than the beginning; and judging by the American name of the character, he's the one that Arnold's was named after. Whether he adopted Pat as his American real name is something I didn't get from Google and legally changed it to be his real name. His real name doesn't look hard to pronounce, but it's one that's too easy to forget, and I have to really commit it to memory, or I find myself having to look it up later every time to find out. Well instead of having the kid wash cars and do chores that would be less fun like paint a fence, he got off easy by hanging his coat up after putting it on the floor about 5 billion times. I haven't gotten to any parts where he gets tired of not being shown moves and has a fit about hanging his coat up and putting it on.
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