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Well I'm close to seeing how many Simpsons episodes are ones I haven't seen. So far, I haven't read a synopsis of any that aren't ones I've seen. The Jackie Chan remake is okay so far, but it's like pretty much what I saw in part one of the original trilogy except Han didn't waste near as much time trying to catch flies with chopsticks and went to using a fly swatter and then used the chopsticks to throw the fly away and continue eating when that wasn't the most sanitary way to eat. He should've at least cleaned the chopsticks or left the fly on the swatter like I would've done. His name's a lot easier to remember than Morita's character, which I'd still have to use Google to check for spelling or look at the other thread. I'd post on a movie thread; but with my phone the way it is, registering to post is a hassle because the smart phone won't show latest emails; and the tech store that it came from couldn't help me.
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