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Originally Posted by MrCleveland
I have guinea pigs, I'm not a good maintenance guy since I clean at work, and Sundays are my clean house days, but since I've been spending time with my dad on most Sundays, I get back home in the evening and by then I'm tired-out.

I may need to change tactics, but this year has been stressful that I may talk to a psychological doctor and if I need to be in commitment...let it be...

That's probably why your landlady complained I'm assuming. Because of that.
I love John Larroquette.

And Harry Anderson too.

Antenna TV, MeTV, Decades, Laff, and Cozi TV, please add Dave's World and The John Larroquette Show to your lineups. Thank you.

PLEASE release a complete series boxset of The John Larroquette Show (and the final season of Dave's World). Thanks.

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