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Originally Posted by catsrule
the retronet that airs Deep Space Nine- think it's Decades
Netflix- been planning on getting it but has been delayed a few times
Sundance- since I last had this channel they've added several classics like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Barney Miller, and M*A*S*H.
There is an independent station in South Bend that airs Who's the Boss, M*A*S*H, Heartland, and Mad About You weeknights from 6-10.
My Network TV- shame on Comcast for making this an HD only station. The X-Files in primetime Tuesday nights and Saturdays at 6PM, Heartland in primetime Sunday nights, and the only place currently to see Leverage. I would have rather lost the CW affiliate, the only thing they have is Seinfeld.
Logo- lousy ads but has Facts of Life and other classics
Encore Black- commercial free episodes of Different Strokes
H & I (Heroes and Icons) aires STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE 9 Sunday-Friday. They air all the Star Trek series and on Sunday nights they also show the rarely seen animated one.
the Clampetts are in a fancy Beverly Hills jewelry store.

Granny: "How much fer one o' them red diamonds?"
clerk: "Madam, those are rubies."
Granny: "OK ask her kin we buy one offa her."
clerk: " The ruby I am talking about is not a lady."
Granny: "Lissen, how she got them diamonds is her business. I'm just sayin' ask her kin we buy one from her."
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