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Default creation museum & noah's ark

if your looking for good vacation!! i highly reocmmend creation museum & life size replica of noah's ark!! its based off the bible gennies & noah's ark!! today me my mom dad & my brother & his wife brittany went to noah's ark not creation museum its actually 30 to 45 minutes away form creation museum its in kentucky !! its the size of foot ball field! & noah's ark is hugh!! ! you go into the ark its like life size republic of noah's ark!! then they got different figures & different figures of different Animals!! some of the Animals are different creators form noah's time!! & they were dinosaurs on noah's ark but they weren't big dinosaurs but some were the size of young humans adult they weren't mean like you told in school! & dinosaurs wasn't around billions years old but only thousands years old! & noah's lived to be 500 hunderd years old! & noah lived on the ark for 1 year before letting the Animals lose after the flood!!
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