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Originally Posted by macbeth06
Well I'm sad and lonely depressed and I'm getting very tired sad and lonely depressed and it not that easy
I don't have a girlfriend either, my advice to you is, don't feel sad about it and focus on the good things in your life, be thankful for what you have. That's what I do. There are advantages to being single, my time is all my own, I have freedom and can do what I want every day, no one here to bother me. The last relationship I was in ended because she started messing around with a guy on Facebook, someone she attended school with years ago, she wouldn't stop it so I told her to pack up her junk and move out of the house.

The way I look at it, I'm probably better off not being involved with anyone because there's so much BS going on with people these days. There is too much social media available which makes it very easy for people to cheat and mess around. After what happened to me, I doubt if I would ever trust another woman. If I eventually meet someone, fine, if not that's fine too.

If you really want to have a girlfriend, have faith in God and maybe one day you'll meet a woman who's right for you and will love you for who you are.
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