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I remember several foods from this thread, like Golden Grain Macaroni & Cheddar (used to get always), PB Max candy (once in a while), and Cracker Jack Cereal (probably had only a couple of times).

Anyone remember Kraft "Wrapples," the flat caramel on sheets that you used to form caramel apples? Came with popsicle sticks included. "That's how you make / caramel apples / with Wrapples / from Kraft!"

Candies I used to like:
"No Jelly" bar (peanut butter)
Willy Wonka Scrunch Bar

I remember once in a while I would steal a Kennedy half-dollar from my dad's stack and go blow it on candy, like Apple Stix, Munch Bars (mostly peanuts, like a brittle), Wayne Buns (clusters), Mars Bars, Oompas, Snickers... I was a rough & tumble kid.
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