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I haven't gotten to it yet because of I have about 30 minutes to go with the commercials and have seen how that one evil martial artist is pretending to be nice to the karate brat (brat being just a joke). He did get overly angry when Mister Miyagi did the predictable thing of bringing him a broom though. I knew ahead of time that he probably would do that. Of course, I know the character was wanting to learn how to do a ground sweep kick; and I could teach someone that one in a few seconds and have shown a student who was in the same martial arts class as me how to do it. It can be rough on your left knee if you're right handed and rough on your right knee if you're left handed and practice it a few times. I had pretty much begged the first instructor I had to teach me after watching someone do it at a tournament just to mess around more than anything else because ground sweeps weren't allowed in sparring.
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