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I studied martial arts long after The Karate Kid came out at a school that taught Jeet kune do and could've given John Boy Lawrence a run for his money in that tournament since they did allow leg breaking techniques. I've never been taught that; but of course, like so many people who may not have seen the movie were familiar with that infamous jump snap kick. I do know of a good offensive technique that would've been worth one point and a defensive technique that would've landed him in the hospital with a broken arm. I remember trying part of it that didn't actually break anyone's arm of course because it is a discipline that is only meant to be used in defensive of myself or another; and when I say another, I wouldn't put it past me to use martial arts to protect a harmless snake because they're my favorite creatures and are much better behaved than big dogs that people keep. Anyway, I had asked the instructor if I could use part of that last technique while sparring; and he said yes and stated the conditions and then told me later when I was doing it that it wasn't allowed and that it was a cheap shot.
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