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Default What made you laugh today?

From Night Court

Dan's monologue in Harry's darkened office as the "Phantom of the Courthouse".

(chuckles) Ah yes, poor Dan. Most of his friends think he's guilty. (Evil Laugh, suddenly stops) What am I laughing at? I'm Dan. No, I'm not. (starts wandering around the room waving his hands) Now, I am the Phantom of the Courthouse. And no, Inspector Pepitone, you will not bring Dan Fielding to justice because there is no (billow cape) jus-tice in this buil-ding (Evil Laugh). Not yet anyway. But soon I will remedy that, (raises cape with both hands) I will vanquish the guilty! I will punish the wick-ed! (rushes to the desk) I will take this stapler because I need one. And, I will raid the refrigerator, (laugh) because the Phantom's lair is short on half and half! Now I must prepare, because my time is near. The time of... the Phantom! (Evil Laugh, runs into the couch) Ouch! (sad voice) The Phantom banged his shin. (waves hands) I'll have to take that out... on someone. (Sting, Dan climbs out the window)
I love John Larroquette.

And will always like Harry Anderson too.

"Ciao, baby!" - John Larroquette as Dan Fielding

MeTV, UP TV, Laff, or Cozi TV, please add Dave's World or The John Larroquette Show to your lineups. Thank you.

PLEASE release a complete series boxset of The John Larroquette Show (and the final season of Dave's World). Thanks.

Goodnight, sweet prince. Harry Anderson 1952-2018

Errrrrrruuuuuuuuahhh?? - Tim Allen
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