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Originally Posted by paul.austin
As pointed out repeatedly, who gets a place in the montage is NOT who "deserves" to be in it, but who is *well known*, particularly to younger viewers who are craved by advertisers.

Happy Days went off the air over thirty years ago and old tv shows largely appeal to old people. Moran was relatively obscure at the time of her death.

Twin Peaks was a "cult" show and Stanton was largely unknown to non-genre fans.
I don't know exactly where you are getting your info, but it's deeply flawed. A quick glance at the official emmys website's memorial page shows it includes MANY people who are not currently on TV and are not as well known to younger viewers, including Harry Dean Stanton!

No, this isn't the list of people in the montage, but I've seen many examples of them including older stars who haven't been on TV for a while. Under your logic, when Carroll O'Connor died they wouldn't have included him in the montage because he hadn't had a hit show for years and wasn't well known by teenagers.

They screwed up this year, plain and simple.
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