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Default The value of the dollar in Laverne and Shirley's era...

I notice that the producers did faithfully keep the value of the dollar realistic for the late 1950s/1960s during the entire run of the show.

Is there any example where the prices quoted or written were more closer to the late 1970s/early 1980s instead of the late 1950s/early to mid 1960s, especially since inflation jumped after the mid 1970s?

For example, I am not surprised that the cocktail party which the ladies went to at the Fister Hotel in Season 2's "Guinea Pigs" cost $20 per person, since today's equivalent of that would be over $160.

And given their wages at Shotz then, $20 is a really big deal back in the late 1950s...

Can you imagine someone running up a $98 phone bill in 1965, which Shirley wanted to let Laverne have it in the Season 6 episode "Grand Opening," especially with Laverne having no job at the time?
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