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for me game systems i owned my whole life are:
intellivision it was kind of like nintendo this was my first game system!! but it was classic games like cool aid men & burger time!!
super nintendo
nintendo 64
sega genesis
play station 1
play station 2
play station 3
we wii nintendo me my mom & Dad did get the we nintendo i didn't really like it much!!

before game systems came out me my brother & my dad would go to our mall they had an arcade room!! then we used to collect hand held video games before we had nintendo!! i always wanted an game boy but i didn't wont one cause when they first came out it was black & white! then it came out in color but my mom didn't wont me to get an game boy!! i did have sega genesis game gear it was in color i had it for long time!! just few years ago i recently gotten rid of it! then my mom & dad got me an play station vita but i didn't like it the games was hard getting in & out of the game system!! i wish i would have gotten nintendo 3ds !
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