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Originally Posted by Penny Lane
I still play my NES. I love it! My favorite games are Super Mario Brothers 1&3,The Megaman series,Milon's Secret Castle, Adventure Island, Castlevania,Tetris Tengen, Dr. Mario. I still have Atari 7800 which I pull out now and then. My favorite Atari games are Centipede, Joust, Choplifter and Desert Falcon.. I prefer the older game systems.I have tried Playstaion but I didn't like it. We also had the Sega Genesis System but that's gone now.
I still play my NES, too! I like SMB1, SMB3, Dr. Mario, & I have a couple Wheel of Fortune games.

I also have a Wii U but hardly ever play it unless its to play Wheel of Fortune.
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