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Originally Posted by Penny Lane
Sonic. We have one in our area but I've never been there. Also never been to Starbucks.

You aren't missing much! Starbuck's is SO overrated!! First off the coffee isn't really even that good. Second they are so crowded , and who wants to stand in a long line just to get a cup of mediocre tasting coffee in a paper cup! ? I'm old school. I much prefer to go to a diner type place like Denny's and have a waitress bring me a cup of coffee in a regular coffee cup and saucer !! Or just have a cup of coffee at home!!

I've never been to Chipoltle ! There is one really close to where I live but it doesn't appeal to me! Out here we have so many authentic taco stand Mexican food and little private owned Mom and Pop Mexican restaurants , I don't see going to a chain like that! Except I do like Taco Bell's bean burritos ! They are yummy!!
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